Hypnotherapy Improves Health and Wellbeing

 What kinds of conditions/situations can you improve with hypnosis?

* Stress Reduction - a major factor for discomfort and illness

*  Medical Support and improved outcomes:

Diabetes                                  High Blood Pressure

Obesity                                    Pain Management

Allergies                                  Side effects from Chemotherapy

Accelerated Healing        Panic Attacks/PTSD

Sadness and Depression

Preparation for Surgery/Childbirth

Many more conditions have been helped with hypnotherapy

* Ease emotional distress of chronic illness or life events

*Improve Self-Esteem/Confidence

*Achieve Goals – Change habits; Improve performance

*Improve Memory/Concentration

*Smoking Cessation

*Improve sleep

*Accelerated learning/Exam preparation

*Natal/Inter-life/Past Life Regression

*So many possibilities – Train your mind to work for you!


How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

The induction of hypnosis relaxes the “critical factor” or analytical gatekeeper so that we can find those old programmed thoughts and beliefs that frustrate change and slow healing.  Through exploration of your creative intelligence, we find powerful resources and re-focus the attention of the subconscious mind with your own inner wisdom and truth.  (We all have it!)  When the session is complete, you return to full awareness, armed with a positive attitude, an individualized plan and the resources to succeed.  With dedication, hypnotherapy can re-write thoughts and beliefs in the subconscious mind so new behavior becomes automatic after the hypnosis sessions are complete.

Most concerns can be addressed in three to six sessions, though some deeper concerns may take ten sessions.  Some simple goals many actually take only one or two sessions.


What Hypnotherapy Is Not (aka Myths and Misconceptions)

Misconceptions are a by-product of sensationalized acts performed for stage or movies.   Often in stage entertainment, you will notice that the group of “participants” keeps shrinking as the act goes on.  This is because the hypnotist is determining who is actually willing to do what is coming as the final act.  They know that people will only go as far as they feel safe and comfortable.


Some of those misconceptions include:

  1. You will not know what is going on around you.
    Not true.  In reality, your 5 senses are more keenly aware.  You will be able to accurately recognize and respond to anything you feel is needed in the moment.
  1. It is a form of mind control, or they can make me do something I don’t want to do.
    Not true.  In hypnosis, your conscious and subconscious mind is working together.  No matter how deep the trance, you can never be made to do something dangerous or outside your moral and ethical compass.  You are always in complete control your own mind.
  1. Hypnosis is truth serum.
    Not true.  Because you remain in control, you cannot be made to say or reveal anything that you feel is unsafe or not in your best interest to divulge.
  1. You can become stuck or trapped in hypnosis.
    Not true.  Again, you remain in control, your conscious mind still active.  You are able to bring yourself out of hypnosis at any time, indeed you will be trained to put your self into and take yourself out of hypnosis as part of the process.  You always have control.

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