Hypnotherapy Sessions  (75 to 100 minutes)  $135.00.   There is never an additional charge for a session that lasts longer.

See Health & Hypnotherapy for conditions that can be improved with Hypnotherapy.


Stress Management Presentations: to your organization. 15-45 minutes on the topic of stress, what it is, how it promotes disease and what to do about it.  Can be individualized to your organization with prior arrangements.


Improve Health and Wellbeing--Reduce Healthcare Costs

1. Employee Appreciation Presentations: 2-4 hour presentations on Stress Management with proven and effective stress reduction techniques.  Informative and Fun.  Pricing varies, call 520-444-2527 for more information.

2. Continuing Education Units for Medical Professionals: 2-4 hour presentations on stress, pathophysiology, causes, disease manifestation and experiential learning with proven and effective reduction techniques.  If your facility is approved to offer CEU's, this program will meet your criteria.  Pricing varies, call 520-444-2725.



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