Trust and gratitude

My experience with hypnosis was very positive. Patti was able to guide me in a process that dislodged some stuck energy. My goal was to get to the bottom of an eating disorder. I am still on the path but was very grateful for the ability to enter into the trance and relax enough to access unexpressed emotion. This process required lots of trust in the practitioner. Patti is the whole package, professional, nurturing, strong and grounded in the foundations of hypnotherapy. I highly recommend her services.

Zana Grant


Accelerated Healing

If you are ready to make changes in your life, Patti Thompson can help you make them happen.  Recently, while training for a bike race, I was thrown head-first off my bicycle and broke my right elbow (olecranon process).  The broken piece of the bone in my right arm was being further separated the tricep tendon. There was no choice, I had to have it surgically repaired.  For me, this injury was a very difficult because I was sidelined from training.  Gym workouts were even curtailed because of the arm.  Patti told me that if I was willing to try hypnotherapy and put in some of the effort that I was previously spending on workouts, she could help me accelerate the healing process.

I am a skeptic.  But, at the same time, I had nothing to lose.  If it worked, I could be back on the bike sooner and if it didn’t I just wasted a little time each day.  My surgery was on December 2, 2016 and from there I started my rehab which included Patti’s guided hypnotherapy process.

My reason for the five stars is that Patti delivered on her promise to help me accelerate the healing process.  At 60 years old, I’m not a kid.  Injuries like this don’t heal as well as they did when I was younger.  However, with Patti’s help, I fully expect to be good as new in a few months.  I have a seven-inch surgical scar on my right elbow with nine screws holding the bone together with a plate.  Following the surgery, I was prescribed a four-week supply of pain meds with one refill.  I only needed to take four pain pills.

Today is Tuesday, January 3, 2017 and I just got back to my computer from the surgeon’s office.  Wonderful news!  At four weeks and a few days, I can start training again.  I have been cleared to put weight on the arm and start riding my bike again.  The latest x-ray of my elbow shows only a slight shadow of the fracture where the bone was previously completely separated.  My surgeon told me that he typically doesn’t see this level of progress and healing until the eight-week follow up visit.  And the healing wasn’t limited to the bone growth.  The range of motion in my right arm after four weeks is already 85% and the surgeon doesn’t believe I will need any physical therapy to restore normal movement in my arm.

My collision and injury was traumatic.  I’m extremely grateful to Patti that the restoration process has been less traumatic that it could have been.  Drugs have side-affects.  Except for the post-surgical antibiotics and four pain pills, I have not endured the negative effects from extended drug reliance during rehab; and, I won’t need to spend hours each week going to physical therapy.  As a self-professed skeptic, I cannot argue with Patti’s results; she delivered on her promise.  Patti really did help me to accelerate the healing process.  The pleasant surprise is that avoiding physical therapy will also save me time AND money given the co-pay not covered by my health insurance.

Quentin Thompson, Houston, TX


Accelerated Learning

I was struggling with the complexity and volume of information that I needed to fully understand in order to pass the "Certified Financial Planning" exam.  Despite weeks of dedicated study, I was becoming frustrated with the learning process and anxious about the approaching examination date.

When I worked with Patti, the quality of my learning dramatically improved.  She gave me tools to enhance my memory and taught me self-hypnosis to remove the stress and road-blocks I was feeling.  I was able to fully embrace the materials, easily remember complex concepts and formulas, and I actually enjoyed the learning.  I walked into the exam feeling relaxed, prepared, and confident.  Not only did I pass, I finished an hour early.  I am ecstatic that I’ve accomplished this very important goal in my professional life.

I highly recommend working with Patti for any challenging learning experience!

Barbara Norman CFP, ChFC


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